Watch Uprock 2021

23 Nov 2021 | News

Experience all elements of the Hip-Hop Culture and faith.

Krosswerdz Presents - UPROCK Christian Hip Hop Summit 2021. 

2021 brought us the 11th annual UPROCK Christian Hip-Hop Summit - Celebrating and Communicating Christ through Hip-Hop Culture.

You can watch (or re-watch) the online event with your crew or from the comfort of your own home, whatever your region's Covid restrictions allow.  Krosswerdz has compiled and created content bringing together all of our favourite parts of the UPROCK experience in a digital way.

Conversations about KanYe West, hip hop fashion, 2pac, Eternity, Australian hip hop history, and more...

There's even Oaks & Jabs interviewing the K-man about the history, heart and future of Definition Radio.

Take the UPROCK journey with us from your own place with performances, presentations, interviews, testimonies and workshops from all over the world.