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Krosswerdz "Hip Hop Church" has been going since May 2006.  We're about hip hop with purpose, the culture graced with faith.  Real Hip Hop, real people and a very real God.

Since it’s humble beginnings in 2006 the Krosswerdz community now has spread out across the globe. 

Nationally, besides the head quarters in Sydney, groups meet in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, and in regional areas such as the Gold Coast, NSW’s Central Coast and Wagga Wagga. 

Overseas to Malaysia, Korea, New Zealand, and Canada.  Krosswerdz has also helped inspire similar groups in the USA.

The focus varies from place to place but the network allows a constant exchange of ideas and a valuable resource to the Hip-Hop community at large.

Tracks We've Played

Billz and Beky Rapz live Jam

Bleed the Same Colour (ft. Reboz, D4C, Young Faith)

Lord of Hosts

Rock up at UPROCK (ft. Ryland Junior, The Profit, Oakbridge)

Rock Up at UPROCK (ft. The Profit, Th3rdkind & Billz)

Thanks & Praise

The Everlasting Remix (ft. Profit)

Yes! HE Saved Us! (JESUS) (ft. HHWC)

Uprock Compilation 2011   (2011)


Uprock Compilation 2012   (2012)

Uprock (w/ Mistery, Oakbridge, Wizdm)

Christian Hip Hop 2014   (2014)

Belief over Beats

KWRemixed: Sounds Like Dsipl   (2014)

Belief Over Beats (Remix)

Uprock Compilation 2016   (2016)

We Be (ft. Sivion & Flash The Only)


Uprock Compilation 2017   (2017)

Brand You Can Trust

Uprock Compilation Vol.10   (2020)

2 Much 4 The Brain (ft. Jabs, River, Th3rdkind, Ryland Junior & Sundance)

As One 2.0

Blessed Enough (ft. Jabs, WU-ZILLA, BEQII, Oakbridge, Mastermind)

Breaking Bread (ft. Oakbridge, Randy Mason, Mastermind, DJ Aslan)

Breath (ft. Will Small, Rochelle Watt & Shelly.H)

Caught Up (ft. Rel McCoy, Soul Original, Oakbridge, DJ Lord Fader)

Done With That (ft. Sivion, Rel McCoy & Marksman Lloyd)

For Such a Time (ft. CDH Live!, Monks, D4C, DJ Lord Fader & ReFlex The Architect)

Majestic Birds (In Memory of DJ Efechto) (ft. Propaganda, DJ Efechto, DJ Aslan & MP Ancient)

Monstrous (ft. Izzy, FlashTheOnly, MP Ancient & Mastermind)

Raise (Give It Up) (ft. Brother E, Monks, Laurian Bougaardt, TeOp & MP Ancient)

Skip the Formalities (ft. Sev Statik, ILL Clinton, Sounds Like Dsipl, Kris-Bo, Damion B. Sanders, Mistery & Monks)

The Lion’s Share (ft. The Praying Mantis, Nfors, Jonnie 3:16 & Grungy Boguez)

The Root Cause (ft. Resident, Cas Metah, ILL Clinton, Reckoncyle & Sounds Like Dsipl)

Train Tracks (ft. JustMe, Ten.Roc, Jonnie 3:16, Mark Durksen & Mastermind)

Turn of the Tides (ft. The Profit, Urban D, Samuel Roberts, Meek Starkiller, MC Still & Grungy Boguez)

Unbroken (ft. Kris-Bo, Brad Sabat, Werd, D.Minor, Sundance & Mastermind)

Under the Table (ft. Hemelbesem, Mistery, Shelly.H & ReFlex The Architect)

Vine (ft. LXX, Daniel, Eluan, Franco.$)

We Won’t Run (ft. Izzy n The Profit, Jon Corbin & Grungy Boguez)

We Won't Run (ft. Izzy n The Profit, Jon Corbin & Grungy Boguez)

Werd On The Street 2.0

Uprock Compilation Vol.11   (2022)

Anything But Royal (ft. Nilvoid, Ryland Junior & Mistery)

Come Calling (ft. Cas Metah, Junyah, D4C & Rel McCoy)

Keep it Movin' (ft.Oakbridge, Shelly.H, Mark Durksen, Jabs & Kris.Bo)

Pass By (ft. The Profit, Izzy, JustMe & Sole Option)

Runaway (ft. River, Jon Corbin, DIE-REK)

Satisfied (ft. BEQII, Jonnie 3:16, Dublt & Kris-Bo)

Strangers (ft. Resident, Th3rdkind, Monks, DIE-REK)

The Most Identifiable Subject (ft. Randy Mason, Nfors, Kris-Bo)