Die-Rek - The Die-Version Project

8 May 2011 | Download

Die-Rek (Derek Jordan) grew up in Scarborough, Ontario during a time when the borough was defining what hip-hop now is to its culture.

He emerged as a part of the group "Young and Hard Hitting" (1993-1995), and then transitioned to a solo artist role, going by the name "Unique Stylz".  During the mid-90’s, Die-Rek connected with some other crews in Scarborough who possessed the same passion for Hip-Hop music -Lyrical Coalition, MVP, and The Horde, better known as Toronto's own "The Mighty Monolith".  Die-Rek played the background, but remained supportive at shows and live events.  He continues on a similar path today as seasoned lyricist and producer Die-Rek.

His debut solo album "The Die-Version Project", is a free download from his Bandcamp page.