Ohmega Watts



Born in Brooklyn, NY, Ohmega Watts (or Milton Campbell) began his career crafting his MC skills in the early '90s.

Around this time he also began exhibiting an interest in beat-making, listening to Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Large Professor, and the RZA.

He's a music producer, a graphic designer, photographer and DJ + avid record collector.

Tracks We've Played

The Find   (2005)

Full Swing (ft. Neogen & Deacon)

Groovin' On Sunshine


Saturday Night Live (ft. Surreal & Sharlok Poems)

That Sound (ft. Lightheaded & The Procussions)

The Treatment (ft. Manchild, Braille, Big Rec)

Where it All Started (ft. DJ DNA)

You Are Now Tuned In (ft. Adam L & DJ Bombay)

Watts Happening   (2007)

Eyes and Ears (ft. Jneiro Jarel & Shape of Broad Minds)

Long Ago (ft. Othello)

No Delay (ft. Surreal)

Roc The Bells (ft. Lightheaded)

What's It Worth

Pieces of a Dream   (2013)

Get Live



Ode to Brooklyn

Yo! (ft. Adam L & Kizzie)