Wed, White and Wu

9 Nov 2011 | Download

Wed White and Wu.  The Wu Tang Clan mixtape with Playdough and Heath McNease kicking dual action, karate chop raps over all of your favorite Wu Tang songs.  Featuring Guilty Simpson, Manchild, Ohmega Watts, Headkrack, Propaganda, MG, Manchild, Freddie Bruno and Sintax of Deepspace5, Goldin Child, RedCloud and more.  Puffy is good, but Wu Tang is for the children.

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Playdough and Heath McNease have done hundreds of shows together performing their solo material and are two thirds of the highly unique freestyle comedy group, “Whose Rhyme Is It Anyway.”

Playdough, a member of Ill Harmonics and Deepspace5 has been blowing the minds his loyal listeners since the late 90’s with his blend of highly musical yet still incredibly raw underground production, hangdog wit, and incomparable style. He is a highly decorated freestyle and battle champion, gifted producer, and your favorite emcee’s favorite emcee.

Heath McNease, a Harry Potter stunt double, has been on the scene since 2007, generating a rabid fan base through his mixture of highly intricate/multi syllabic rhyme schemes, ridiculous freestyles, singer/songwriter projects, and intimate acoustic sets.

The two have been featured on three songs together that quickly became fan favorites.  So it became blatantly obvious that it was time to collaborate on a project that would give the fans what they’d been asking for while cultivating new fans in the process.  It comes in the form of a mixtape called “Wed, White, and Wu.”

“Man…it’s basically just an ode to the Wu Tang Clan.  I was still mad young when they came on the scene, so my knowledge of them is through touring with Playdough.  He grew up listening to those dudes, and he turned me onto their solo material and I just couldn’t get enough.  Playdough and I both put out solo albums this year as well as mixtapes that have generated awesome results, but we felt like we weren’t creatively done for the year.  So I approached him about this idea, and we decided to put together a free album.  We wanted to sample our favorite Wu Tang Clan beats of all time from their crew and solo projects and make entirely new songs out of them. It was important for us to take the fact that we are humble, fun loving dudes and show people that you can not only have a blast and be cutting edge…but you can do it while staying true to your own style, conviction, and belief,” McNease stated.

Playdough has a lifelong connection with the group.  “For me…this project really meant a lot, because I listened to these guys every day of my life when I was a kid.  Wu Tang Clan was an active part of the soundtrack of my teenage years, and their music helped shape me as an artist.  I felt like this mixtape was not only a chance to pay homage to some of the most original and talented dudes that pop culture has ever seen, but a chance to try and do something fresh and exciting with it.  Our whole goal was to accomplish two things.  We wanted to have as much fun as possible lyrically, and we wanted to bring bars.  This whole album is packed with bars.  We felt that Wu Tang Clan brought a rawness and honest energy that hadn’t really been seen before.  So we just wanted to keep that energy and just go crazy on rhymes, patterns, and schemes.  We didn’t want to be overly conceptual, because sometimes that can feel forced on a mixtape.  I think people will really be happy with how hard we went in on these bars.  We flipped titles and used a lot of their ideas to create new songs.  It was a blast being able to recreate something that meant so much to me as a kid.”

The mixtape will drop at on Tuesday, November 8th.  Fans and followers can donate what they want for the album or download it for free.  Fans can also receive physical copies for a donation of 15 dollars or more, and a physical copy with a T-shirt of the album cover design will be available for donations of 25 dollars or more.  The album features Guilty Simpson, Manchild, Ohmega Watts, Headkrack, Goldin Child, Freddie Bruno, Propaganda, Red Cloud, MG! The Visionary, Sintax the Terrific, and more.