The Cross Movement

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

The Cross Movement was a Christian hip hop group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The crew consists of:  The Ambassador, Phanatik, Cruz Cordero, The Tonic, Enock, T.R.U.-L.I.F.E., Earthquake.

They also run a record label "Cross Movement Records" and a non-profit group which aims to use creative ways to spread the Christian gospel message within hip hop culture.

Tracks We've Played

House of Representatives

Our God

Heaven's Mentality   (1998)

Blood Spilla

Cypha' Time


Human Emergency   (2000)

Know Me (Huh, What?)


The Light (The Blazin One)

What Do You See?

Holy Culture   (2003)

Cry No More

DJ Official Speaks


Start Something

When I Flow... (Its Gospel)

Higher Definition   (2004)


It's Time

Jerseys & Fitteds

Gift Rap   (2005)