California, USA


Justus spent majority of his life running from the calling that God placed on him back when he was a young child.  His rebellion took him through more trials and tribulations than most go through in a lifetime.  After years of rebellious living, anger and rage issues, drug addiction, sexual immorality, hurts, abuse, neglect, street life, violence, homelessness and incarceration, he felt death was certain and soon.  This is when Christ found him and rescued him.  When he was at his lowest and on the verge of yet another alcohol and drug influenced suicide attempt.

Now, Justus, knowing the call and gifting that God placed on him when he was a child, dedicates his life to the mission that he spent so many years running away from.

Justus is the middle child of two ordained ministers.  The younger brother of one of Christian and Hip Hop's brightest and most talented stars and the older brother to a talented Gospel and R&B singer songwriter.  He is the Vice President of HOG MOB Ministries, INC., a General and Founder of HOG MOB Dallas and Vice President of Sales for HOG MOB Merchandise.  Justus has ministered for youth groups, community outreach events, and numerous churches.  He has been featured performing on multiple albums and played in numerous theatre and film roles.

Tracks We've Played

Sola Gratia   (2018)

Honored (ft. Illuminate)