DJ Aslan


DJ Aslan grew up in Simi Valley, CA, a suburb of Los Angeles, where music was plentiful.  He began learning about turntables in 1993 and was engulfed in the art shortly thereafter.  By 1996, he was beginning to compete in most local battles.  He is honored to have entered large competitions such as the DMC World Competition and International Turntablists Federation. 

2002 brought Aslan to take up a new home near Tulsa, Oklahoma where he connected with CedEnough & Church Boy Entertainment to bring music that is needed for this day and age.  He went on to connect with other artists around the nation like KJ-52, Dre Murray (We Live As Kings) and a fellow TableTurner-Dj Promote.  Whether it is spinning for a particular artist, performing with live bands, or rocking an event by himself, Aslan is the one artist who does not have time for an offseason.

Tracks We've Played

BoomBox (scratch section)

Homies interlude (with Coldplay's Lost)

The Mixing Process