Uprock Compilation Vol.10

28 Nov 2020 | News

Krosswerdz have been plugging away behind the scenes to find some exciting ways to celebrate the 10th annual UPROCK Summit. 

One of those ways is with the annual UPROCK Compilation Album.  This year Krosswerdz are taking it next level with a double disc release with every track featuring an international guest partnered up with some local legends. 

They launced a Pozible campaign to raise some much needed funding to launch this compilation album at the level it deserves... 

This concept has snowballed and we now have a double disc release ready to roll with every track featuring an international guest from over the years who has participated in UPROCK or Krosswerdz in some way, partered up with local artists to create an album that celebrates Christian Hip Hop on a global scale.

We want to do this album justice and launch it at the level it deserves but due to the uncertainty around the event it is difficult to work with any kind of budget or framework. Our goal is to raise the funds required to reach our goal and launch not only the best UPROCK compilation album but possibly the most internationally represented Christian Hip Hop Compilation in history.

Update - Uprock Compilation Vol.10 has been funded!!!

You can find the compilation on:

Listen to Definition Radio, as we've been featuring many of the tracks off the album.