Show for 22 June 2019

New music and exclusives!!! The dynamic duo is back with boombastic raps and outros left hijacked.  New stuff from Rel McCoy, Randy Mason & Nomis plus some beastiness, deep thoughts, political commentary and a prayer.  A bit of everything really.  Check it out.

  • 0 Open Season (ft Joe Ayinde, J Crum, Czar Josh, Thomas Iannucci, Shiwan) New NomiS
  • 0 That's Church New Randy Mason
  • 0 Gray (ft. Tragic Hero & Taelor Gray) New Christon Gray Clear the Heir  (2018)
  • 0 Beast Mode (ft. Dublt) New D4CAU Next Chapter.  (2018)
  • 0 Call of the Times New Rel McCoy A Different Crown  (2019)
  • 0 World (ft. Add-2) New James Gardin Sweet Jesus  (2019)
  • 0 Pass Me Not Sean C. Johnson
  • 0 Worlds Apart RezadentAU Spiritual Kung Foo  (2012)
  • 0 I'm Fine Randy Mason
  • 0 Fairy Tale New Sintax.the.terrific The Last Unicorn  (2018)
  • 0 Mourning for the Art (ft. Sev Statik) Flashback Peace 586 Generations  (2003)
  • 0 What's Wrong (ft. Dre Murray, Adan Bean) New Sareem Poems Mind Over Matter  (2018)