Sareem Poems


Member of the L.A. Symphony.  Birth name Sareem (fka Sharlok Poems).

Originally from Long Beach, California.  Sareem has since married and moved to Lansing, Michigan.  There he teamed up with local producer Ess Bee to release "Beautiful Noise" in 2015.

Tracks We've Played

Dance For The Dead

Fallen Stars (ft. Madi)

Free Mind


Good For Free

Hopefully (ft. Madi)

I Don't Know

Keep Going (ft. Madi)

Lower The Boom (89 Civics Mix) (ft. Pigeon John, Akil)

Lower The Boom (ft. Pigeon John, Akil of J5)

Matters of Man (Newselph Remix) (ft. Chris Orrick)

Push It Along

Skyline (ft. Madi)

Soap Opera (w/ Ozay Moore)

Soap Opera (w/ Ozay Moore) (Soulseize remix)

Sunny Days

Way Up There (ft. Sean C. Johnson)

What Up? (ft. Terem)

Work For It (ft. James Gardin, Sivion, Sojourn, and Tee-Wyla)   (0)

Psalm 33

Left   (2002)

Driven By The Facts (ft. J-Beits, Brainwash Projects)

Grafitti Art (ft. Soup the Chemist)


Malisa's Best Friend

Blooming Sounds   (2007)

Feels Good (beat by M-Phazes)

Heart Art

See It

We Got it (ft. Theory Hazit, Sivion, Sojourn)

Black & Read All Over   (2009)

She So

Tell It

God Bless the Child   (2013)

God Bless The Child (prod. Imperial)

God Bless the Child (Soulseize remix)

A Pond Apart (Sareem Poems & Terem)   (2017)

After The Factory

Breathe (ft. Red Pill)

Tic Toc (Stro Elliot Remix)

Walk & Talk

Mind Over Matter   (2018)

I'm Alright


Shallow (ft. Finale)

The Way It Goes (ft. Al Singleton)

What's Wrong (ft. Dre Murray, Adan Bean)

88 To Now   (2019)

In N Out (ft. Composetheway)

Kick'n It

Matters of Man (ft. Chris Orrick)

No Fly Zone

Piece of Peace (ft. Ozay Moore)

This Life (ft. James Gardin & Macklyn)

The Art Of Living   (2020)

Alright Okay

Lessons (ft. Macklyn & Monielle)

Mourning The Morning

Slow Down

That's What I'm On

Vibrations (ft. Krum)