Show for 3 September 2022

This week on Definition Radio The Profit brings us "Da Mask Is Steel" showcasing some tracks from the debut album from Damascus Steel - Grungy Boguez, Zae Da Blacksmith & Doctynal with a bunch of new freshness and familiar faces.

  • 0 A-Yo (ft. Sean Slaughter, Lavoisier, Glamour) FreeStyle Fam
  • 0 Swordplay Masters (ft. HIS Hypeman, Stract & C4 Crotona) New Damascus Steel Da Mask Is Steel  (2022)
  • 0 Step by Step (ft. Datin & Merk Montes) New YP aka Young Paul
  • 1 Keep It Runnin Part 1 (ft. Th3rd Kind) E.Man
  • 0 Victorious (ft. DJ Sight) Ryland Junior
  • 0 Spyrograph New Damascus Steel Da Mask Is Steel  (2022)
  • 0 Fight for Your Life New Angie Rose
  • 0 Children of the Light (ft. Cas Metah, Ruffian) Flashback JustMe Before The Twilight  (2009)
  • 1 We Won't Run (ft. Izzy n The Profit, Jon Corbin & Grungy Boguez) New KrosswerdzAU Uprock Compilation Vol.10  (2020)
  • 4 The Lion’s Share (ft. The Praying Mantis, Nfors, Jonnie 3:16 & Grungy Boguez) KrosswerdzAU Uprock Compilation Vol.10  (2020)
  • 0 Flux Flow New Damascus Steel Da Mask Is Steel  (2022)
  • 1 Bow Down (ft. Bizzle, Datin & Bumps INF) New God Over Money (G.O.M.)