Justin "JustMe" Long was born and raised in southern California soaking up the sights and sounds of hip-hop.  At twelve years of age he took up breakdancing.  At thirteen he was deejaying local parties and writing his name in graffiti on any surface he could find.  By the time he reached fifteen he was recording his own songs with an 8-second sampler and a Tascam 4-track and battling other young emcees at open-mics.  To quote a hip-hop classic, this is how it should be done."

After Justin graduated high school, he left home in pursuit of his dream to represent truth and love through the art of emceeing. JustMe got his first taste of fame almost immediately when his group SolSeekers received critical praise in the now defunct Rap Sheet magazine.  Shortly thereafter SolSeekers' song "Audience of One" reached ..1 on the MP3.com hip-hop charts, surpassing such established artists as Q-Tip, Master P and Silkk the Shocker.

What seemed to be a rise to the top was stopped short.  You know the story, the industry confusion, the bad decisions, etc.  Justin didn't give up though.  Instead he pushes forward with a new fervor with his crew Scribbling Idiots and a new solo album on ILLECT Recordings.  He has performed all over the U.S. sharing the stage with established artists such as The Pharcyde, Living Legends, Abstract Rude, CunninLynguists, Witchdoctor, and the list goes on. He has worked in the studio with Masta Ace, Wu-Tang's 4th Disciple and Deepspace5.  His standout performances on compilations have been praised worldwide.

Tracks We've Played

Night Owls 2   (2003)

Love Love

One Man's Trash   (2006)

All Works Together (ft. Mouf Warren)

Before The Twilight   (2009)

A Curse and a Blessing

A Willing Vessel

Children of the Light (ft. Cas Metah, Ruffian)

Dues and Don'ts

How I Met Your Mother

Kentucky Chrome

Tragedy & Dope   (2010)

The Prodigal

The Truth & A Lie

Ups & Downs

Full Disclosure   (2012)

Ceremonial Master (ft. Wonder Brown)


No Lie (ft. DJ Sean P)

Uprock Compilation 2013   (2013)

BLVD Scarred

Hajime   (2015)

Enter Hajime