Show for 1 July 2023

Oaks has an in depth chat with the Verbal Renaissance Label artists Aasha Marie, Justin Martyr & Regenerit coming out of Chicago.  As well as covering individual tracks and their new joint Compilation album “Welcome To The VR” we delve into some deeper themes like; the approach to CHH music, unity amongst CHH creatives, sources of inspiration, gang culture in Chicago, the need to speak to the culture, women and the culture and a whole lot more.

Grab a cuppa and let’s get into it.

Listen to the extended version to catch the whole conversation and some extra tracks -

  • 2 Rhymes & Roses 2.0 (ft. A.I. the Anomaly, Aasha Marie & B. Angelique) Shakiah
  • 0 Nobody Greater (ft. D. Lylez & Kristen Lowe) New Aasha Marie
  • 0 Don't Lay It Down (ft. Justin Martyr) New Aasha Marie
  • 0 Cold Streets (ft. Thre) New Justin Martyr
  • 0 Struggle Til I Die New Regenerit
  • 0 Welcome to the VR (ft. Justin Martyr, Aasha Marie, Regenerit & Rashawna) Verbal Renaissance
  • 0 Hands In The Air (ft. Justin Martyr, Aasha Marie, Regenerit & Rashawna) New Verbal Renaissance