Show for 24 June 2023

New music by NF, Social Club Misfits, Licy Be... Mini-themes and re-visiting some of the best new tracks we've played in the last 2 months.

Thanks out to all the radio stations playing Definition.  This month is when they're asking for your help to keep them funded.  We'd love it if you go to their webpage and donate to their appeal, if you're able.

  • 0 CAREFUL (ft. Cordae) New NF HOPE  (2023)
  • 0 Breaking Bread (ft. Oakbridge, Randy Mason, Mastermind, DJ Aslan) KrosswerdzAU Uprock Compilation Vol.10  (2020)
  • 1 Let's Feast (ft. A.I. The Anomaly) Aasha Marie
  • 0 Sidelines Lecrae Church Clothes 3  (2016)
  • 0 Nevadat! (ft. Sev Statik, Griffin) Peace 586 aBle  (2010)
  • 0 Fight The Good Fight (ft. Iron Will, Ty Scott King, Go Ye & the Found8tion) Daniel Anthony
  • 0 Heels & Hoodies New Licy BeAU
  • 0 Off Rip New Peedy Case
  • 0 Forward Motion Village KNG
  • 0 That's Gospel (ft. TBabz & Still Blessed Music) Reblah
  • 0 Immersed Dee Witness
  • 0 What Is This (ft. Armond Wakeup) Jonathan Baker
  • 0 What it is (ft. MALEX & Lady) Sivion Str8 Shot  (2023)
  • 0 You Know What It Is (ft. KB & PK) Tedashii Blacklight  (2011)
  • 0 It Is What It Is Flashback OakbridgeAU It Is What It Is  (2009)
  • 0 Got What You Need (ft. Jordan Feliz) New Social Club Misfits Everybody Loves A Comeback Story  (2022)