Show for 29 July 2023

The team is reunited.  Oaks & Jabs bring you some bangers bruh, bangers.  It may get a bit intense so make sure you stretch beforehand.  Oaks would like to officially apologise for doing an episode without Jabs.  Well not really.  It’s good to be back together for the banter though, check it out.

  • 0 Talk About God (w/ JKZN) New Young C
  • 0 Name Above All (ft. D-Maub & J Carter) New Cephas
  • 0 God Bless the Real New StefanOtto
  • 0 Burg Slang (ft. J.Solo & DJ Sureshot) New Beanies & Snapbacks
  • 0 Work Real Hard (ft. JohnO & Jackie Hill Perry) New Swoope
  • 0 Win When Mars ILL
  • 0 For The Culture (ft. iNTELLECT & TC) New Procyse
  • 0 NORF (ft. Aable, Q-Flo & Prodi Da Prodigal) New Tee Wyla
  • 0 Run To You (ft. Jay Collins & Cephas) New C4 Crotona
  • 0 Don't Eat Crow New A.I. the Anomaly
  • 0 Python (ft. A.I. The Anomaly) New H.U.R.T.
  • 0 Misconceptions 4 (ft. nobigdyl, A.I. The Anomaly, Jon Keith) New Lecrae Church Clothes 4: Dry Clean Only  (2023)
  • 0 Child Proof (w/ JKZN) New Young C
  • 0 Fly Away (ft. Datin, Dillon Chase, Ambassador & J. Rice) New Phathom