Show for 10 February 2024

This week on Definition Radio the self proclaimed theme-man The Profit brings us BYO Neckbrace FULL CIRCLE edition. Packed with new tracks and throwbacks of the real, raw and relevant grimy boom bap for you to nod your head to until your neck hurts.

  • 0 Pass By (ft. The Profit, Izzy, JustMe & Sole Option) KrosswerdzAU Uprock Compilation Vol.11  (2022)
  • 0 Jericho (ft. Rezadent) OakbridgeAU Ever Present  (2014)
  • 0 Testimonies From The Corner (ft. Da Commissioner) New YP aka Young Paul
  • 0 Armed With Swords (ft. Datin, Da Commissioner, Monster Tarver & Dax Hamma) New YP aka Young Paul
  • 0 in the Name of (RVL, Jeremiah Dirt) Shadow of the Locust a Mighty Army Cometh, vol.2 G-R  (2023)
  • 0 Braggadocio (ft. Sounds Like Dsipl) W.O.T.S.AU
  • 1 Take Up My Cross (ft. Oscar The Disciple) New Vytal OneAU
  • 0 Bars For Christ Cypher (ft. Monster Tarver & Datin) New Bryson Gray
  • 0 Head Of Goliath (ft. Datin & Mickey Factz) New Ayo Shamir
  • 0 Gideon (ft. Da Commissioner, YP, Pastor Charles A.R) New C4 Crotona
  • 0 Psalm 149 Sword Kata (ft. Rigs & Selah The Corner) New Zaydok
  • 0 My Redeemer Lives (ft. Uzo Buks) The Plowman