Tracks We've Played

Year of the Locust   (2012)

Fire Bone (w/ Dirt, Reveal, Noiz, DJ Kair)

In the Name of (w/ Reveal, Dirt)

a Mighty Army Cometh, vol.1 A-F   (2017)

a Volcanic Event (w/ Dirt, Samuel Oxymoron, 7Lock, DJ12)

Consuming (w/ Calmpex, Samuel Oxymoron, Codak)

Fire Bone (ft. Dirt, ReVeaL, the M, DJ Kair)

Jeremiah Dirt & Khonsu are Solomon Cain in the Cross & the Switchblade   (2019)

Two Killers

a Mighty Army Cometh, vol.2 G-R   (2023)

Global Swarming (7Lock, Chazz Murphy, Jeremiah Dirt)

in the Name of (RVL, Jeremiah Dirt)