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28 Dec 2019

Going through some of the hottest songs of 2019, voted & streamed by you ... part 1


21 Dec 2019

Oaks & Jabs with their first Christmas episode spreading cheer and Christmas bangers including some NEW tracks from James Gardin & Illect Recordings.

Please listen more than once.

Oaks, Jabs

14 Dec 2019

New song by James Gardin.  Double-play by Name Basic.  Flashback by Deepspace 5.


7 Dec 2019

From Kanye to Pillay.  New music and flashbacks, including a few tracks nominated for awards.  'Cause we like awards and contributing and tracks...


30 Nov 2019

A jazzy hip hop Definition with jazzy flashbacks and all that jazz.


23 Nov 2019

Sneaking in all sorts of double-plays whenever I can... or whenever I want..


16 Nov 2019

Are you ready? Can you believe it? Oaks AND Jabs AND K-Man all together recording live from Uprock Christian Hip Hop Summit 2019.  There’s exclusives from the Uprock 2019 Compilation plus interviews and brand new music from James Gardin, Sole Option & D Minor.  It’s almost too much, you’re just gonna have to listen.

K-man, Oaks, Jabs

9 Nov 2019

Late night TV, social media, blogs, and billboards.  Everyone is talking about it, and so are we...


26 Oct 2019

Winners, non-winners, and by-standers...  We play them all in this week's show!  We're talking about the 2019 Dove Awards.

Get tickets to the Uprock 2019 Concert at


19 Oct 2019

The tides are turning, and the earth is shifting.  Is Jabs relinquishing his “Segue King” crown?  Has Oaks finally cracked?  Only one way to find out. Listen.  Oh, and there’s music as well.  New joints from Propaganda & Derek Minor, Krum & Theory Hazit, The Commission’s Dublt, an ‘exclusive’ from Sydney sider Sole Option plus plenty of other good stuff including a double dose of J. Crum (one of Oaks’ recent favourite artists). 

You can get tickets to the Uprock 2019 Concert at

Oaks, Jabs

12 Oct 2019

New music by Eskatology, nobigdyl., Die-Rek, Tee-Wyla, Datin, Paradox, ReFlex the Architect. 

This week's Flashback Challenge track by Freddie Bruno is possibly topical, maybe... 🤷‍♂️😉🤔


5 Oct 2019

What happens when you bring an acoustic guitar to a rap show?  We find out with our guest, Aussie folk-rap artist Jordan "River" Winslade of River Movement. 

We're featuring songs off their new album "Impending Light" and other acoustic/unplugged hip hop music.

K-man is also joined in the studio by Holbo aka Justasifi'd aka Mike Holberton, as co-host and one of the artists featured on the album.

The flashback challenge track for this week is by Ozay Moore & The Hipknotics.

River Movement are perfoming at the Uprock 2019 Concert.  You can get tickets at

K-man, Holbo   Guests: Jordan River

28 Sep 2019

New music by Krum & Theory Hazit, D4C, K Sparks, Fonke Knomaads, and Mission.  The Flashback Challenge track for this week is by Luke Geraty.


21 Sep 2019

Special interview episode with Uprock 2019 guest James Gardin.  Oak & Jabs & James get into some in depth discussion and inadvertently embark on a segue crusade.  Plenty of laughs, plenty of insight and of course some dope tunes.

Keep an eye out for a special bonus podcast episode as there was just too much discussed to fit in one show!

Oaks, Jabs   Guests: James Gardin

14 Sep 2019

New music by Krum & Theory Hazit, Aaron Cole, MP Ancient, J. Crum, StefanOtto, Raging Moses, and YB.

Flashback by Sivion, featuring Theory Hazit, with production by Dert.


7 Sep 2019

New music by Genesiz, Sareem Poems, Lecrae and Parris Chariz. 

We share another Uprock Christian Hip Hop Summit artist announcement, from another element.


31 Aug 2019

We have some good news for Australia about one of the artists we play...


17 Aug 2019

Jabs gets a bit out of hand but that’s ok.  He even picks a song on this one.  Some new music, we start talking Uprock, the feature artist names are outstanding and there is plenty of fun and frivolity to boot.  Oh, and some dope Hip Hop as well.

Oaks, Jabs

10 Aug 2019

New music by Sareem Poems, Eskatology, Andy Mineo, Rel McCoy, and Ace Clark.  Flashback to a colab between Vocab Malone x Lightheaded.


27 Jul 2019

New music with a side of Soup.  Including 116, Royal Rucks, Ruslan and a track by comedian John Crist.


20 Jul 2019

Back at it again!! Oaks & Jabs bring you a plethora of new music with something a bit different thrown in there as well.  The usual tomfoolery, some theme-based selections, a flashback from the future and Jabs even has a go at being the trivia man.  It may be too much to handle to be honest.

Oaks, Jabs

13 Jul 2019

Izzy hosts the NAIDOC Week special

Izzy   Guests: Izzy

6 Jul 2019

Acoustic folk hip-hop by River Movement.  More new music by NF and Rel McCoy, who each have albums on the way.  Going back to an older track by new Reach Records artist Wande.  Flashback off a great single producer compilation from 2000.


29 Jun 2019

New music by NF, The Commission, Brad Sabat, nobigdyl. and Legin.  Flashback to the Solseekers' reunion track.


22 Jun 2019

New music and exclusives!!! The dynamic duo is back with boombastic raps and outros left hijacked.  New stuff from Rel McCoy, Randy Mason & Nomis plus some beastiness, deep thoughts, political commentary and a prayer.  A bit of everything really.  Check it out.


15 Jun 2019

We play a new Andy Mineo track inspired by Country.  Our flashback goes country.  Yes we practically become a country show.  Well no... New music also by Sareem Poems, Rel McCoy and Peace 586.


8 Jun 2019

A show of good vibes music. 😀 🏝
Including the opposite of a rap battle. 😎🎤


1 Jun 2019

New music by Rel McCoy, Dillon Chase, Fvmeless, Raging Moses, DJ Standout x Canon, and Jay Atoms.  K-man ponders about rap verses and what some radio stations are doing to them.  Then plays a Platinum Flashback.


25 May 2019

New music by Andy Mineo, Ruslan, S.O., and 14yo artist Ray Emmanuel.  Double-play of John Reuben, including a flashback.


18 May 2019

The boys get technical with an “audio exclusive” from Izzy n The Profit plus some new music, remixes, a flashback and tracks they haven’t played in a while and even a track they never played before (but KMan has).  Also - retraction! K.I.N.E.T.I.K is on the Travel The Map remix, Imperial is not (sometimes the pressures of recording get to Oaks’ brain)

Oaks, Jabs

11 May 2019

New music by MC Jin, Griffin, and Deraj.
Flashback to Vex da Vortex on a DJ Maj mixtape.


4 May 2019

Playing a few Izzy n The Profit tracks to celebrate their anniversary of 10 years as a crew.  K-man reports on the APRA Music Awards ceremony he attended.  New Krum, Elevantionists, Cas Metah.  Flashback double-play of production by M-Phazes.


27 Apr 2019

New music by Social Club Misfits, and an Aussie flashback.


20 Apr 2019

Oaks & Jabs do a one-eighty and after a mellow show last time things get hectic.  New music from Die-Rek, Kris-Bo & MP Ancient and a flashback form one of Oaks’ old faves Fros’T.

Oaks, Jabs

13 Apr 2019

New music by Peace 586 & Krum, MP Ancient, Dee-1, Sherrod White.  Feature artist is Peace 586, so we're flashing back to his crew in the early 90s.


6 Apr 2019

New music by Ruslan & Paul Russell, and Sareem Poems calls on his illect brethren.  Flashback by ill Harmonics from 2002.  And of course the songs you voted for us to play again.


30 Mar 2019

Playing songs you voted for on our playlists.  New music by Farai Katiyo, A.I. and Gowe.


23 Mar 2019

New song by Social Club Misfits, a musical flashback down K-man's past, and a workout song endorsed by The Rock.


16 Mar 2019

Jabs is back!!  Is that a good thing?  This week the boys mellow things out a bit with some new music from Die-Rek, Impact & James Gardin as well as some Uprock Compilation faves and a “powerful” flashback from 2001.  Enjoy.

Oaks, Jabs

9 Mar 2019

This week we put the spotlight on female emcees for International Women's Day.


2 Mar 2019

Featuring songs off Flynn Adam's new album "Do What It Gonna Do".  Flashback to the L.A. Symphony from over 15 years ago.


23 Feb 2019

New music by Social Club Misfits, 1K Phew, Precursor Mentality, and Noah Schatz.  Flashback to a 1999 track by E-Roc featuring ill Harmonics and Earthsuit.


16 Feb 2019

Oaks is Jabs-less but determined to still bring you a dope show with TWO new tracks by James Gardin plus a new one from Sean C. Johnson.  We go international without discriminating and back slap the flashback.  A big congratulations to Mr & Mrs Jabs on the new baby.


9 Feb 2019

New song off D4C's latest album, Next Chapter.  A family colaboration by Sivion, with his childrem Andreon Michael and Lucyclubhouse.

Triple-play of singing rappers (or is it rappers who can sing). 🎤

Flashback to two tracks off the 2004 Beatmart "Best of Submissions" mixtape by DJ Morph.


2 Feb 2019

Water themed show, perfect for summer but also very seasonal.


19 Jan 2019

It’s 2019 and it couldn’t be helped, Oaks & Jabs have returned.  On this show we play some new music from Die-Rek & Rawsrvnt plus plenty of bangers and a quite obscure flashback from the Urban Soldiers 3 compilation.  You don’t wanna miss it.

Oaks, Jabs

12 Jan 2019

What are some of the other hottest new songs we played in 2018?  We've checked the stats on streams/views and here they are.


5 Jan 2019

Some of the hottest new songs we played in 2018, part two of two.  Votes tallied from your playlist likes on our website.


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