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25 Dec 2021

K-man presents the Definition Christmas Hip Hop Special for 2021.  New music by LiCon from Australia, and Anthony Sawyers & Phil Darko from Canada.  A flashback classic from 1979.  Merry Christmas!


18 Dec 2021

Oaks & Jabs back for the last time in 2021. They reflect on some of their favourites this year as well as packing in a bunch of new music and even an unreleased exclusive before heading out.

Oaks & Jabs

11 Dec 2021

This week on Definition Radio The Profit aka The Theme Man reaches a little too far to bring us an obscure Christmas theme - Jingle BARS. Some throwbacks, debuts and A LOT of bars to egg-nod your head to.

The Profit

27 Nov 2021

Oaks is back and he brought the bangers.  Jabs is full of beans and what else do you need?  Plenty of new music and a rundown on Uprock 2021.

Oaks & Jabs

20 Nov 2021

Playing what you asked us to play again.  From Andy Mineo and Dee-1, to Deepspace 5 and Tunnel Rats.


13 Nov 2021

New music by Genesiz and J. Sano out of Australia.  From overseas we've got new music by Propaganda, Shad, R-Swift and more.  Flashback by 4th Avenue Jones featuring Dilated Peoples.


6 Nov 2021

This week on Definition Radio The Profit brings us "Old Dog New Tricks".  An ode to some of the old heads who can evolve and keep up with the times and also a chance to showcase some up and comers.

The Profit

30 Oct 2021

We're treated with new music from Wande, Bizzle, Krum, Ozay Moore, Cephas, and a "monster" set.  Flashback by Sintax the Terrific.  No tricks.


23 Oct 2021

Positive hip hop from Australia and beyond.  K-man is playing the songs you requested us to "play it again Sam" (by Sam we mean K-man).


16 Oct 2021

With Oaks away, Jabs has decided to take Andy Mineo’s new album Neverland II on his own. Recording live, he’s having his first listen with the Definition Radio audience - which is clunky at times but an all around good boppin time! Join him as he offers his immediate thoughts on what will no doubt be a big album for the Definition Radio audience this year!


9 Oct 2021

K-man plays the new song by Dee-1 and The Game.  A double-play of Sivion.  And the weather gets a bit stormy... but the flashback brings back the sunshine.


2 Oct 2021

This week on Definition The Profit returns with A Time For Everything. Launching new single from Jonnie 3:16 "A Time For Everything" and bringing you a collection of tracks that represent a moment in time, a season, a memory and representing a time for everything.

The Profit

25 Sep 2021

Songs you've requested us to play again.

A flashback by the L.A. Symphony, off an EP that probably doesn't get enough airplay.


18 Sep 2021

Jam packed with new tracks, Oaks & Jabs keep it soooo fresh like it was an early 2000’s pop compilation.  They also celebrate multi-talented artists in a hopefully inoffensive manner.  Just clowning around.  Some bangers here to hear peoples.

Oaks & Jabs

11 Sep 2021

Winding the show back to the year Definition went to air, 2006.  K-man still finds some songs we never played.  Then we go back another 15 years for the "flashback" track.


4 Sep 2021

Lockdown Edition on Definition Part 3 with The Profit - Lockdown Blues.

The Profit brings us a collection of tracks all reminiscent of Blues style tracks by vibe, sample, vocals or just some songs to get you through the lockdown blues, or for any of our listeners not currently in lockdown; some great tunes to cruise to.

The Profit

28 Aug 2021

K-man has not just one worldwide radio premiere but that two songs getting the radio premiere!  Representing Australia, USA and Canada.

We've also got new music from 116 and JustCordell.  And the songs you asked us to play again.


21 Aug 2021

Oaks & Jabs got things on lock………down.  Still bringing you some dope Hip Hop though, even if Oaks does say so himself.  Some new gems, another worldwide exclusive and a “Love” triple play.

Oaks & Jabs

14 Aug 2021

The Profit is back with Part 2 of his Lockdown Edition on Definition - Forgotten Freshness. This week we pull some lost gems out of the archives and also debut some new music from NZ and the first solo single from Jonnie 3:16 Stay On.

The Profit

31 Jul 2021

Worldwide exclusive radio premiere of Common Thread Collective Volume 1: Walk It Out.


24 Jul 2021

K-man plays the songs you voted to be played again.  And some new music by Shad, Ryland Junior and Teelow.


17 Jul 2021

Oaks & Jabs in the places to be.  Locked down! A bit of this, a bit of that and the balance required to bring it all together.  Plus, the invention of the “reverse segue”.  Oh, and Happy Birthday Jabs!

Oaks & Jabs

10 Jul 2021

Izzy hosts the NAIDOC Week special.  Music by Eskatology, Impossible Odds, Monks, JPoint, and more...


3 Jul 2021

This week on Definition, The Profit brings us The Lockdown Edition - "Music To Clean Your House To"

This is dedicated to any of our listeners who have found themselves back in lockdown over the School Holidays and to those who are not, a chill mix to listen to while you enjoy your freedom.

The Profit

26 Jun 2021

K-man plays only the songs listeners have voted for... even the flashback has been chosen by your votes.  You can vote too, by clicking the thumbs-up in our playlists.


19 Jun 2021

Nasality won’t stop the lads coming back, Oaks & Jabs present a plethora of illness.  Some cold bangers, mellow grooves and feel good (or maybe feel better) tracks.

Oaks & Jabs

12 Jun 2021

PEN PUSHERS - If you consider yourself a bit of a "word-nerd" this episode is for you. The Profit is bringing us the Pen Pushers episode on Definition Radio this week to celebrate the art of the lyricist.

The Profit

5 Jun 2021

Monks & Izzy break out the pizza and the hip hop music.

Monks n Izzy

29 May 2021

To celebrate Krosswerdz's 15th birthday, K-man is playing 15 years of Australian hip hop by Christian artists.


22 May 2021

K-man with new music by NF, Angie Rose, Guni, TNV, and Licy Be.

Aussie flashback from the mid-early '00s.


15 May 2021

Banter, Beats & Bars.  Oaks & Jabs get serious, get some praise going and even get real deep.  A bit of a rollercoaster this one.  Check it. 

Oaks & Jabs

8 May 2021

This week on Definition, The Profit brings us the Mother's Day special, celebrating the ladies who have been holding it down on the mic with some epic flashbacks, new tracks and hopefully no mansplaining backlash.

The Profit

1 May 2021

K-man plays new music by NF, Krum, Andy Mineo... and the songs you voted for us to play again. 

Flashback track by Deepspace5 off their Bakesale album.


24 Apr 2021

Monks tracks down the boss from his old workplace to hear the hiphop that changed that boss’s life.

Monks   Guests: Monks' past boss

17 Apr 2021

It takes two...  one Oaks & one Jabs to present you such impeccable musical gems.  Seriously though some dope new tracks on this week’s show plus we keep milking the Uprock Compilation Volume 10 (that you really should have by now) and Oaks even gets deep on some real life stuff.

Oaks & Jabs

10 Apr 2021

This week on Definition, The Profit helps us celebrate the Travel Bubble by shedding the spotlight on some amazing artists representing the South Pacific from AUS and NZ.

The Profit

3 Apr 2021

Hip hop music journeying through the Easter weekend.


27 Mar 2021

Listen in for your monthly K-man show (hype!)

New music by Chance the Rapper, A.I. the Anomaly, Microphone Gorillas, and a double play of Shad. 

Your most voted for songs get replayed!


20 Mar 2021

There’s a bit of tension as Oaks steps on Jabs’ toes segue wise and messes up translations but other than that some dope new tunes, excellent shout-outs, some multi-lingual flavour and choice beats to speak over.  We hope it’s the highlight of your week, well one of them anyway.

Oaks & Jabs

13 Mar 2021

The Profit is back with Part 2 of "What's Your Story".

To balance out the up's/down's and heavy nature of some of the tracks, the man himself Mark Durksen is dragged along for the ride to lighten the mood with some Mark Durksen sandwiches.

The Profit

6 Mar 2021

Monks n Izzy kick off the show with an absolute banger track.  How can they go up from here?  Tune in to find out...

Monks n Izzy

27 Feb 2021

K-man is back with new music, new artists, and breaking new ground...  Kings Kaleidoscope make a debut on Definition with Propaganda.  New music by NF, Joshua Luke Smith and a new artist The Org. 

I find a banger of flashback song by the L.A. Symphony, that we never actually played before. 😲

You did hit the thumbs-up 👍 on our playlists, so in return I play some of those songs.


20 Feb 2021

It’s hard not to represent really.  Oaks & Jabs bring some God Over Money, some more Canadians, some rawness and some karate all while talking over Sivion’s beats.  They hope you like it and that you like them.

Oaks & Jabs

13 Feb 2021

The Profit (The Theme Man) is back with "What's Ya Story Pt1", a 2 part series honing in on the storytelling side of the emcee. This episode is packed with stories from some incredible artists, either personal experiences, metaphorical/conseptual stories and parable style bangers to set the tone for the "What's Ya Story" episodes.

The Profit

6 Feb 2021

Replay from last year's guest host month.  This guest host is Australian Hip Hop Pioneer, Mistery.  He takes us from the early days of CHH to today and a bunch of places in between.  He’s been an integral part of CHH culture in Oz and shares just a few of the many tracks that have impacted him over the years.

Playlist -


30 Jan 2021

We’re inviting the Canadians over for dinner.  They’re super nice.  Oaks and special guest Youngdo Kang from City Lights delve into some dope tracks from some of Canada’s finest……. and nicest, emcees and producers.

Oaks & Youngdo

23 Jan 2021

This week on Definition Radio: Izzy is (not) delivered from angry hip hop.  Monks does (not) know how to pronounce someone’s name.  All this and some music

Monks n Izzy

16 Jan 2021

Oaks & Jabs get international.  You can’t shut the borders on Hip Hop.  Sounds cheesy but it’s true.  Of course, still bringing those “contributions” to Australian Music with some more Uprock Compilation Vol. 10 tracks plus a rare raw gem spanning from the east to the west coast.  There’s even a flashback for the romantics.  Check it out.

Oaks & Jabs

9 Jan 2021

The Profit returns for 2021 with the BYO Neck-Brace episode for January. This episode is packed with head-nod anthems to rock to until your neck hurts and the room stinks featuring some new tracks, old tracks and some massive throwback's to kick off your 2021 proper.

The Profit

2 Jan 2021

Happy New Year! 🎉

It's time to look back at the hottest new songs we played last year.  There's no way we could fit them all in.  But we did our best, based off your votes and internet plays.

(Honourable mention to the Uprock Compilation Vol.10)


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