Show for 27 February 2021

K-man is back with new music, new artists, and breaking new ground...  Kings Kaleidoscope make a debut on Definition with Propaganda.  New music by NF, Joshua Luke Smith and a new artist The Org. 

I find a banger of flashback song by the L.A. Symphony, that we never actually played before. 😲

You did hit the thumbs-up 👍 on our playlists, so in return I play some of those songs.

  • 2 Move the Decimal Rel McCoy No More Soda (beats by Peace 586)  (2020)
  • 5 2 Much 4 The Brain (ft. Jabs, River, Th3rdkind, Ryland Junior & Sundance) KrosswerdzAU Uprock Compilation Vol.10  (2020)
  • 2 No Question (ft. DJ Sean P) Die-Rek
  • 2 Deep Shadows (ft. Jusjames & iNTELLECT) DJ Dsern
  • 0 We Do It For Him (ft. Gemstones, Mouthpi3ce) New The Org
  • 1 Put Up or Shut Up Flashback L.A. Symphony Disappear Here  (2005)
  • 1 The Lion’s Share (ft. The Praying Mantis, Nfors, Jonnie 3:16 & Grungy Boguez) KrosswerdzAU Uprock Compilation Vol.10  (2020)
  • 1 Give Me Some More (ft. Vincity) Bebe Riz
  • 5 Addicted Ryland Junior
  • 1 Under the Table (ft. Hemelbesem, Mistery, Shelly.H & ReFlex The Architect) KrosswerdzAU Uprock Compilation Vol.10  (2020)
  • 0 Clouds New NF
  • 2 Be Alive (ft. Drew Brown, Orijin, Mark Durksen) Jon Corbin Every Day  (2018)
  • 0 W.D.Y.K.A.G? (ft. Propaganda) New Kings Kaleidoscope
  • 0 Shine On New Joshua Luke Smith
  • 0 Live Like You (ft. Emily Brimlow) River MovementAU Impending Light  (2019)