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Posted in 'Download' on 23 April 2016.

Brother emcees Mistery & Werd have finally joined forces to release their first joint project "Israel".  Named after Werd’s youngest son & their ancestral homeland the brothers have chosen to focus on their cultural heritage providing lyrics from a distinctly Messianic Jewish perspective. 

"Family Matters" is a track which highlights the importance of family & generations, specifically looking at the line of Avraham (Abraham) through to Yeshua (Jesus). 

"The Prophecy" is a track that Mistery & Werd wrote while travelling throughout the land of Israel.  It serves to paint a picture of the regions in which Yeshua lived, died & was subsequently resurrected. 

Starting in Beit-lechem (Bethlehem), then going to the Natzeret/Ha Galil (Nazereth/Gallilee) & culminating in Yerushalaim (Jerusalem) the lyrics touch on the prophetic scriptures foretelling the coming of Moshiakh (Messiah) & how many of the prophecies were fulfilled in the life Yeshua. 

"Eretz Yisra'el" is a track which attempts to provide some perspective on the hot topic of the state of Israel.  Although the brothers are quick to admit some inherent bias, the hope is that the track will present a more balanced viewpoint & some historical context to this very sensitive issue. 

Having travelled throughout Israel & interacted with friends in all of the respective communities, their desire is communicate the dire need for change in a complex situation. 

Although only a 3 track release the “Israel" project has been a long time in the making & has been written with a lot of forethought, theological study & personal reflection. 

"Some of these issues are highly charged but we tried our best to provide a balanced viewpoint, so I pray that people recieve it in the way that it was intended. From the heart & with love & sincerity. 

Khag Pesakh Sameakh & Shalom." -Mistery & Werd

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