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Posted in 'News' on 25 June 2017, updated 10 July 2017.

There's a story about a man who intergrated his faith with his passions.  Able to reflect both through his art and career.  That story has been captured in "Hip Hop & Holiness" a film about Mistery, the world renowned graffiti writer, head of Krosswerdz and Christian Jew.  The film is by Bella Ann Townes.

We had a quick chat with Mistery about the film on the radio show.

It's screening as part of the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival on the 9th of July.  It'll also be screening as part of a film festival in New York.

We are Moving Stories interviewed the film's director/producer.

Update: At the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival this film won the 'Best Emerging Director' award in the short films category.

Update: Watch the full short film!

Film's Synopsis

Hip Hop and Holiness is a short film on the life of Australian artist Matthew ‘Mistery’ Peet, who began break dancing, rapping and painting graffiti in the early 1980’s.  The film explores the history of graffiti and how faith and hip hop culture intersect.

Starting out as a secular graffiti writer, Mistery found faith at age 18 and continued to paint graffiti and murals that brought a huge following and respect across the globe.  He is now an accomplished artist with a successful career focused on community work. He teaches young artists, is the founder and a leader of the ‘hip hop church’ Krosswerdz, and Associate Pastor at The Embassy church in western Sydney.

This documentary reveals one of the most unconventional and compelling stories of Australian art.  Find out how Mistery has drawn upon his Jewish heritage, urban street culture and faith in God to create the first-rate rhymes and incredible graffiti that have shaped Australian hip hop culture.

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