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Posted in 'News' on 25 February 2011.

The iPoet Laureate raps on current events.   It's a blog with songs by Sintax The Terrific of Deepspace5, and features guest beat producers, and the occasional guest poet.

Recent topics have been: the unrest in Libya, the riots/protests in Egypt and Bahrian, a song iPoet prepared to perform at The Grammys,  Superbowl highlights, and the Brisbane floods.

Here's what the iPoet/Sintax says about it:  "Current events and social justice have always been an important element of my own music.  The delay between writing a song and officially publishing it to the world, however, can rapidly date cultural and political commentary in an artist’s lyrics.  Unlike a blog which can speak immediately to an event, the process of music production and distribution necessarily comes at the expense of timeliness.  I saw ipoetry as an opportunity to create running commentary set to music.  A news report in a song.  Or a blog set to song.  A 'blong'."


Tags: Sintax.the.terrific

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