Straight Outta Console: Mixtape DL

6 Jul 2011 | Download

The hardest working (and widely considered the most handsome) man in showbiz is back again! Heath McNease is celebrating Christmas in July by giving away his brand new mixtape, "Straight Outta Console: The Nintendo Thumb Mixtape" for free on Bandcamp and Sphere of Hip Hop!

The Mixtape features 19 tracks of raw, gritty, intelligent, self absorbed, self effacing, and career ending raps by McNease and a heavy hitting cast of characters. Playdough, Manchild, Freddie Bruno, KJ 52, Okwerdz (Grind Time), Cas Metah, Red Cloud, and Sivion share microphone duties and assist Heath in destroying the world's most creative mixtape ever freaking conceived.

The album was completely produced by mad scientist ForBeatsSake with the exception of one beat from Fab Da Eclectic. All cuts, blending, juggling, and abrasions were performed by California criminal Davey Rockit.
"This was a total labor of love on my part. I was just filled with so much love and excitement while writing and conceiving this with ForBeatsSake. It's the most excited I've been to write raps since i was a freshman in college," McNease says. "I was able to talk about everything that I love in this world. Stupid cartoons, video games, politics, your mom...just anything and everything. And having the greatest talent around me on production, lyricism, and turntablism only made this more enjoyable. I wanted to give this away for free just to show my fans and supporters how much I truly love them and care for them. I want to be a part of their lives. I want my stupid songs to be a part of their soundtrack. They've given me so much love and encouragement as I've grown as an artist...I owe them my career...and this is a way to say thanks. I also hope it brings in TONS of new fans and friends. This project will only succeed by the word of mouth of everyone that picks it up for free. Phone calls, texts, emails, facebook and twitter blasts...I need them to share one on one and just let people know how exciting and fresh and awesome this project is. It's the most enjoyable sounding rap record I've ever heard and I'm thankful I got to be the oe who made it!"

For anyone wishing to financially support...there is an option to donate at Heath's bandcamp page. is the link you can use to support by donating 1 dollar or 50 dollars or 100 dollars or 25 cents to Heath's cause. All proceeds will go to pay for the expenses of the mixtape project and to fund his next full length release. The album is completely free...but any donation, big or small, is encouraged.