Tracks We've Played

5 Rez Dogs Playing Poker (ft. Maniac The Siouxpernatural, Tactile The RhymeChild, & Supaman)

Pain (ft. Sleezy Sleeze)

Fashion Expo - Round 1: Tru Hip Hop   (2000)

Angels (w/ Luke Geraty, Braille, MaxOne)

Water World

Is This Thing On?   (2000)

Is This Thing On?

Musical Aggression (ft. Christafari)

Night Owls

RedClouds By Day (ft. Playdough)

Ridiculous Junk (ft. Braille, MaxOne, Man of War & Gibraan)

The Pigeon John Song (ft. Pigeon John)

Travelling Circus   (2003)

Battlestar Galactic

Broken Jaw (ft. Braille)

Don't Wear It Out

Traveling Circus (ft. Sam Hart)

War Party

Hawthorne's Most Wanted   (2007)

405 (ft. Lord Zen & Dannu of Visionaries)

Boulevard Knights

Guns & Roses (feat. Jayo Felony, Eek-A-Mouse, & Tonex)

Hawthorne's Most Wanted (ft. Kurupt)

Krylon Teardrops

Tapatio (ft. Pigeon John)

The Boombox Saints

Night Owls 4   (2008)

21 Jump Street (w/ DJ Wise)