Christmas Hip-Hop Download

20 Dec 2013 | Download

Illect Recordings is giving away a free Christmas hip-hop album.  

It features tracks by L.A. Symphony, Theory Hazit & JustMe (Scribbling Idiots), Sintax.the.terrific, Sivion (Deepspace 5), Page One (Lojique) and other illect artists.  Classics get freshend up and new original songs have been created

In past years it has reached #1 place on Amazon's top free hip-hop albums and #13 in the overall chart (all genres).

Download the compilation for free via bandcamp below.

You can also buy it through the iTunes store.

Something different to listen to round the Christmas barbie while digging in to some turkey, ham, snags, brandy plum pudding, mmm....  Merry Christmas everyone!