Releases Q1 2013

27 Mar 2013 | New Releases

Some the finest new releases for the first quarter of 2013.

Sho Baraka "Talented 10th"

Formally on the Reach Records label with Lecrae, Sho Baraka reaches a more mature sound.  It a record that'll stay on your player for a while.  Each track is titled after a person, with a story behind it.  It can be confronting, but with a good perspective.

Alert312 "Of Vice and Virtue"

Boogalu raps over some alternative hip-hop sounds put together by Moral One.  This is their first full length album on Humble Beast (previous featured the song "All I See Is Red").  Like all HB realeases you can download it free from their website.

Pettidee "Kill The Messengers Mixtape"

Speaking of free, grab this new mixtape from the veteran emcee with the gravelly voice, Pettidee.

Sev Statik "Sophy"

Speaking of veteran emcees, Sev Statik's latest EP doesn't dissapoint.

JoJo Rock "Amazing Grace"  Australian

Central Coast boy rippin' up the mic, and hasn't even reached his double-digits yet.  This is a laid back energetic song, backed by singer Oswald of the Sowers Group from Africa.  Money from the sales go to help kids supported by Compassion, which JoJo Rock already supports at least 2.

Sheff's Kitchen (self titled EP)

We never heard of these guys before.  The idea behind this EP is to "Feed you right without the hype."  The track "Just Watching" goes down well.

Nfors "The Livng Vision"  Australian

Adelaide emcee and producer, Nfors!!  We recomend "The Journey of Time" and "Band of Brothers".