Sev Statik

Albany, NY, USA |

Active as a rapper since the early 1990s, he has performed and recorded both as a solo artist and as a member of the hip hop collectives Deepspace5 and Tunnel Rats.  Sev has also been a member of various Albany-area hip hop groups, including All Bully, Master Plan, Body Language, currently fronts the rap rock band Goldtooth, and is active in Pitch Control Music, a musical collective and arts movement he co-founded in order to promote and develop hip hop in the Albany area.

Tracks We've Played

Assassination (ft. MotionPlus, Theory Hazit, Jurny Big)

Blue Flame (ft. Eternia)

Death Angel

Live 4ever

Spare Change (underground remix)

Spitting Cousins (ft. KJ-52)

Stop Look Listen (ft. Ruslan, Sareem Poems)

Take It Light

Speak Life   (2002)

Global (ft. LPG)

Over The Influence

Rock of Ages

Seasons Of A Tear (ft. Elsie, ZaneOne)

Warning (ft. Dokument & Propaganda)

Sinderblock EP   (2012)

Right and Exact

Say Peace

Step Lightly