Adelaide, SA, Australia |

Raised in Adelaide, Australia, Nfors started writing and recording tracks for fun in 1995 but over time he started getting involved in all types of crime, every type of drug and was also heavily into drinking alcohol.

This was the atmosphere where Nfors dived into hip hop and began spitting destructive lyrics reflecting the lifestyle he was in...

"All these addictions started out as a bit of fun but over time I would get much more deeply involved in these things until they consumed my life. I could feel a heavyness over my life and became very angry and confused.

I continued living a destructive lifestyle until 2005 when realized I could not continue living my life the way I was.

Over the next year I gave my life to Jesus and was released from all my addictions, I started to understand God's love for me and the peace that came with God's love was better than any high I had ever experienced.

God continued to guide me and after a lot of healing in 2007 I decided to get back into making hip hop but this time to glorify God and not myself.

I have continued to grow and tried to share my experiences in my music so others can escape the traps I fell into. Now I have a wife and baby girl who are huge blessings in my life and I'm happier than ever knowing I am following God's purpose." -Nfors

Tracks We've Played

Do your hear what I hear?

The Living Vision   (2013)

Band of Brothers (ft. The Guard, Mistery)

Keep em Coming

The Journey of Time (ft. Rezadent)

The Living Vision Part 1

Uprock Compilation 2013   (2013)

All of Our Days (ft. Izzy n The Profit, The Guard)

Math-Matics   (2014)

Math-Matics (w/ Izzy)

The Voice for the Broken (w/ Izzy)

Uprock Compilation 2014   (2014)

The Final Triumph (w/ Izzy, Chardz)

Uprock Compilation 2016   (2016)

Fire (ft. Showt)

Uprock Compilation 2019   (2019)

Family Ties (ft. The Guard, Izzy, Mistery, Eskatology, Showt & Risen)