Easterfest Hip Hop Showcase

27 Mar 2015 | News

Hip-hop is taking over a tent at Easterfest 2015.

Easter Sunday evening The Powerhouse venue at Easterfest is going host the Hip Hop Showcase, with a variety of styles from Australia and around the world. 

Headlining is Apollo Creed, which consists of Oakbridge and the members of Brethren, Wizdm and Mistery.

Here's the schedule:

4:30pm - Shelly.H
5:10pm - Farai Katiyo
5:50pm - Fortune
6:30pm - D.I.S.C.I.P.L.E.
7:20pm - D4C
8:10pm - BRB
9:00pm - Apollo Creed

Then at 10pm, electro hip-hop artist Justasifi'd will be performing. 

[Update 12/3]:  S.O. from the UK was originally going to headline the showcase, but has had to pull out so he can finish work on his coming album.

Experience the Krosswerdz Hip Hop church after the Easter Sunday main morning service.  The people from Krosswerdz Queensland will be doing a showcase at 11:15am in The Powerhouse tent.

Group 1 Crew

Group 1 Crew are also coming to Australia for Easterfest.  Group 1 Crew started off in 2003, mixing singing and rap over pop beats.  Now down to 2 members, Jose "Manwell" Reyes and Sarah Sandoz, they're still making hit music on Christian radio around the world.  The crew are playing mainstage Saturday 10pm.

About Easterfest

Easterfest is Australia's largest drug and alcohol free festival.  It is also the largest Christian music festival in the southern hemisphere.  Artists from around the world come to perform.  Every year the festival takes over the Queensland town of Toowoomba.

Be sure also to check out the town's main street for more hip-hop performances and impromptu cyphers.