Gold Coast, Qld, Australia


D4C has been doing music for 10 years but been going hard for the last 2.5 years!! He's performed & spoken all over Australia in churches, town halls, prisons, detention centers, cafes, schools, parks... Just about anywhere he can promote a positive message & share grace, love & hope.

Originally from Frankston, Victoria... D4C moved to the Gold Coast, QLD in 1998, where he has lived ever since!

D4C has been highly influenced by Hip Hop music since a very young age & wants to revitalize the Hip Hop industry back to something that's a passionate art form.

D4C has released countless music of free downloads, remixes, mixtapes, EPs, demos & an album "The Reason" with his group "Cross Paths", which was popular in the Christian market, Koorong bookstores & online stores!

He has just finished recording his first official solo album titled "Unite" and it is due to be released in October/November.

D4C is a part of a ministry called "The Commission" that travels around Australia & performs & speaks to youth, teens & adults & reaches out to those in need! They have just release their first group album titled "Life" and all profits are going towww.diamondpregnancysupport.org.au for awareness & help of women going thru pregnancy & thoughts of abortion. They also have a "Commission Hope" department where child sponsorships & missions are available to sponsor, donate or help out! For more information please visit www.iamlegacy.net

Having grown up in a Christian family, he had a different outlook on life, towards people & a positive attitude to all things... D4C loves to share his gifts & talents to all who are there to listen.

Please drop a msg or leave a comment to get in contact with D4C! You can also write him an email at d4c@iamlegacy.net

Tracks We've Played



I Am Never

Look Inside You

Misfit (Frontline Soldierz Remix)

Misfit (Remix) (ft. Izzy, Brethren, Limerick, Mz Tanz, Tim Turner, Rectafy, SC11)

Potholes (ft. Jordan)

Real Hip Hop (Transformed) (ft. Krosswerdz)

Summer Days (ft. Silaz)

Turn the Page (ft. Young Faith)

Make A Change   (2013)

Make a Change

Man in the Mirror (ft. SC11)

Real Hip Hop (ft. Izzy, Profit, Oakbridge, Rezadent, Brethren)

Thank You (ft. Mz Tanz)

The Misfit EP   (2014)

Misfit Cypher (ft. Izzy, Brethren, Limerick, Mz Tanz, SC11, Tim Turner & Rectafy)

Music with a Purpose (ft. D.I.S.C.I.P.L.E.)

Transformed: Remixed & Recreated   (2017)

Battle Cry (Transformed Remix)

Music With A Purpose (Transformed Remix) (ft. SC11 & D.I.S.C.I.P.L.E)

You Are My Family (Transformed Remix)

Next Chapter.   (2018)

Beast Mode (ft. Dublt)

break chains. (ft. Jonnie 3:16)

El Shaddai

Motivated (ft. J.I.)

Uprock Compilation 2019   (2019)

Won't Stop (Remix)