Canberra, ACT, Australia

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Justasifi’d (Just-as-if-I’d), Christian, Australian rapper, hip hop artist, singer-songwriter and producer.

The name Justasifi'd?
Justasifi'd says that it’s a representation of a number of things but the main influence is – “Christ Justifies me through his death, so I am clean – I'm justified.  Just-as-if-I-had never sinned.  This is not a free ticket to live however I want… I strive to live a life in worship that glorifies my saviour”.

Tracks We've Played

Apostrophis'd   (2014)

Great I Am (ft. Mike Holberton)

Idols (ft. Jessie Holberton)

Social Murder

Stand Up (ft. Mike Holberton)

The Avenger (ft. River)