Cas Metah Old Fashion Crowdfunding

19 Sep 2015 | News

Cas Metah is doing some old fashion crowdfunding.  That's right, he's doing it the good old way, before all these fancy pants websites popped up.  The new album to be released is called "Old Fashioned".

Umm how exactly did you crowdfund an album like they did before Kickagogo and PledgeStarter?!?  Busking?  Mow the neighbourhood lawn?  Phone your parents up?  Get a job???
... oh wait Cas Metah explains in a video.

Thanks Cas.  Time to go buy your music! 

But what's that, you're coming to Australia?  Heaps good!  No doubt we will be seeing you at Uprock and performing at some sweet shows around the country.  More motivation to help with the "crowdfunding".

C'mon buy some of his music and merch!

zzzptzpzzttzt....  hold on, there's a new transmission coming in from Ohio!

Update 25/8:

Here's the deal.  I shot about a dozen takes of this update video for my crowd funding campaign and I just couldn't get a solid one all the way through sad.  So I'll just be boring and announce it this way: PRE-ORDERS FOR MY *NEW* NEW EP "THE MOST HUMBLE" ARE UP NOW!  It's Cas Metah and BlackBolt (fka Afaar) If you like bars, you'll want this EP.  Support my "Old Fashioned" crowd funding campaign by purchasing this release!  Drops 1/9!  ‪#‎TheYearOfSI‬

Update 5/9:  The crowdfunding campaign is ticking along...

Update 19/9:

Super big surprise announcement!  New Cas Metah EP out today!  ‪#‎AussieAusbourne‬ Featuring all your favorite artists from Krosswerdz Australia ‪#‎TheYearOfSI‬  Sales of the EP are to raise funds for my trip to Australia in November.  Watch the brief video for all the details.

Go buy some music and let's get Cas Metah's new full length album out and have him back in Australia!