D4C Transformed: Remixed & Recreated

15 Jan 2017 | Download

A project D4C has been working on for over 3 years!! 

So far, he's made over 50 songs... so what to do with them?? 

Initially he planned to release the songs in a series of album volumes, but then D4C thought.... "why not release 1 song each week for a whole year!??!"

So we bring to you.... "Transformed" 

A new song from D4C each week for the whole year!!!

Yes... that is what's happening. D4C is bringing out songs from the vault and recreating them to release as remixes and giving them to you for free download!! yes... FREE!! 

So make sure to keep your ears & eyes ready each Friday. 

You can check out www.413records.com/transformed to find each week's download!