Live stream of Flavor Fest

7 Oct 2010 | News

Flavor Fest/Crossover was approached by a few companies to do a pay per view streaming, but decided to make it free to reach more people.  There will be an option for you to donate something ($10 is suggested as that’s the concert ticket price) towards Crossover’s new building.  Yes, they did move into the building this weekend, but they still owe contractors money and have to finish several things up before their grand opening on November 7th.

To watch the Fest Live tune into or on Friday Night October 8th and Saturday Night October 9th at 7pm EST.  In Australia that's Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of October at 10am Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

This years Flavor Fest features artists from America and Australia...  Lecrae, KJ-52, Trip Lee, Urban D, This'l, Sho Baraka, K-Drama, 116 Clique, Hazakim, R-Swift, DJ Promote, Kaboose, Mistery, Oakbridge, Izzy and many more!