Sydney, NSW, Australia


One half of Izzy n The Profit, reppin' tha Krosswerdz Krew.

Izzy is a Kamilaroi man & hail's from Penrith aka "tha riff" in the Western suburbs of Sydney, Australia.

He started writing rhymes in "1998" but his love for Hip Hop started way before that.  After working with a couple of different artists & crews over time that didn't quite pan out the way Izzy would of liked them to due to life's circumstances, finally.... 10 yrs since he first picked up the pad & pen, he got involved with Krosswerdz Australia in early "2008" & that's where His passion & skill's really ignited & took flight...

"My Faith & past experiences are used quite vibrantly in my music....it's what makes me, me!"  -Izzy

Tracks We've Played

Conversate (ft. Zeadala)

Forgive Me

Get Ya Bars Up

How Many Times (ft. GhostAttack)

King of the Cypher

Modern Day Lynching (w/ Tornado)

My Identity (w/ Que Rator, Cree)

Power Struggle (w/ Oakbridge)

Time To Prey (w/ The Guard, Juxta)

Snake Eyes   (2017)

Eyes Blinded (ft. Jabs)

Gotta Change

Muggsy Bogues

Name Droppa

Pain of Regret (ft. Zeadala)

Paralysed (ft. DJ Maniak)

Snake Eyes (ft. Imbue)

Strictly Underground

Time Don't Wait (ft. The Profit)

West Sydney (ft. Imbue)

What Goes Up...   (2018)


Go Get It Now

Turbulent Cycle