Breax Over Mixtape

21 Jan 2011 | Download

After a year long hiatus full of weddings, babies and solo projects, theBREAX are back with their first official project since 2009.

The Breax Over mixtape, hosted and blended by DJ Wade-O, features a collection of songs from the remix WEDNESDAYS series and new exclusive songs featuring Sho Baraka, Theory Hazit, NomiS, Andy Mineo and more.

theBREAX – Breax Over track list:
1. Breax Over
2. More Of (produced by Lex Luthorz)
3. Rock With You (feat. Theory Hazit, Caressa Lynette, & Shaady G) produced by Sound Collage Musik
4. Brilliant Realness (feat. Sho Baraka) produced by Jruckers, co-produced by Vic Padilla
5. Beginning Again (feat. Shaady G) produced by CIK Productions
6. All Powerful
7. Right Above It (feat. Andy “C-Lite" Mineo)
8. Duces / Devil in a New Dress
9. Ruslan Medley
10. 90′s Mix
11. Money Need Me
12. Beleaf Medley
13. Not of this World
14. Whip My Hair (feat. NomiS)
15. Monster (feat. Mikel Anthony)
16. 6 foot 7

Free Download of BREAX OVER mixtape from Sphere of Hip Hop