JoJo Rock

NSW, Australia |

JoJo Rock is a 10 year old rapper on a mission to stop Child Poverty.  Through his music he sponsors Charles who is a child in Uganda.

When he was 7, he recorded his first rap song "Throw Ya Hands" with his 3 year old brother to raise money to sponsor one child for one year through Compassion.

He's since made more songs, including a collaboration with Ozzy from The Sowers Group to release their version of Amazing Grace.  This song is very significant to JoJo as Ozzy is an ex Compassion child.  Until he met Ozzy, JoJo had never met a Compassion child before.  JoJo was moved when he heard Ozzy’s story of how Compassion helped him overcome poverty.

JoJo has visited many schools and youth groups to spread the message that it doesn’t matter how big or small you are, you can make a difference too.

Tracks We've Played

Amazing Grace (ft. Ozzy from the Sowers Group)

O Holy Night (ft. Sarah Otto)

Reach for the Stars

Uprock Compilation 2012   (2012)