File/Save (E.E.S.)

Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia |

Wagga Wagga's original hip-hop crew, is a duo comprised of MC Kris-Bo and MC Shelly.H.  The boys are of Aboriginal and New Zealand heritage respectively.  They come with a fresh, light hearted approach to hip-hop.  The guys never fail to captivate crowds with their energetic stage presence, funky beats and clever rhymes.

They first seriously started getting into hip-hop in 2004, but it wasn’t until 2005 when Kris moved back to Wagga Wagga that things started moving fast.  After rocking a few pubs the boys realised they can't be that bad, so this year they decided to enter as "E.E.S." and to their surprise, won the first competition!  As a result the boys rocked the Strikeback festival in Newcastle and funky, toe tapping track "Rhythm and Rhyme" received some nice rotation on the Triple J airwaves.

Tracks We've Played

The Letter M (ft. M-Phazes)

Eric > You   (2006)

Antibattle (ft. The Winnie Coopers)

Get Amongst It


Rhythm and Rhyme

Straight From The Underground

Uprock Compilation 2012   (2012)

High On Life