Top 20 of 2010

31 Dec 2010 | News

The Top 20 tracks played and voted for in 2010 on Definition Radio...

  1. "Stay True" by BroadKast
  2. "Hard Times" by BRB
  3. "The IV" by Braille (ft. Rob Swift)
  4. "Rock" by Brethren
  5. "Forget That" by Oakbridge
  6. "Who's Fresh" by BRB
  7. "It Is What It Is" by Oakbridge
  8. "The Sound of Change" by Re:Flex the Architect
  9. "Battleground" by PJ
  10. "The Light" by Metaphysical Combat
  11. "Straight From The Underground" by E.E.S.
  12. "Propain" by muzeONE
  13. "Hip Hop Music" by Braille (ft. Rob Swift)
  14. "Hip-Hop" by Brethren (ft. Def Wish Cast & Reason)
  15. "Beautiful Story" by Jin
  16. "Ooh Ahh Remix" by Grits (ft. tobyMac)
  17. "He Did That" by KJ-52
  18. "Psycho" by Gallery Drive
  19. "Mobbin' (Gang Affiliated)" by Gospel Gangstaz
  20. "Angels" by RedCloud, Luke Geraty, Braille & MaxOne

The Top 20 tracks released in 2010...

  1. "Stay True" by BroadKast
  2. "Hard Times" by BRB
  3. "Beautiful Story" by Jin
  4. "Psycho" by Gallery Drive
  5. "Resurrect Me" by Braille
  6. "The Gun Show" by Heath McNease (ft. Playdough)
  7. "The Ghetto" by Pettidee
  8. "Revenge (The Right Way)" by Braille
  9. "Angels" by Jin
  10. "Clear The Air" by PRO (ft. Lecrae)
  11. "What We Love" by The Profit (ft. Izzy)
  12. "Haiti" by Da Branch
  13. "When You Rock & Roll" by Cook & Uno (ft. Evidence)
  14. "Everything is Everything" by Sivion (ft. DJ Because)
  15. "Children of The Light" by Lecrae (ft. Sonny of P.O.D.)
  16. "American Idle" by Heath McNease (ft. Pigeon John)
  17. "Modern Marvels" by Theory Hazit (ft. Wildchild, Lightheaded)
  18. "Go Hard or Go Home" by George Moss
  19. "Lost Soulz" by Genesiz (ft. Sevin)
  20. "Nuance Music" by Grits