Farai Katiyo


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Farai used to be in a group called “Young Sensations” however whilst studying at the University of Otago in 2010, Farai was introduced to a new genre of music, it was Hip-Hop but not like anything he heard before.  "I had never heard of Lecrae till I went to Dunedin, in fact I didn't even know there were rappers out there who mentioned Christ in their music, to me it was un-heard off."  For the first time in his life Farai found himself questioning his faith.  He was being convicted from all angles “People kept saying to me dude, you say you are a Christian but how come all you rap about is girls?"

Farai really wasn't himself anymore, the music he once loved he now despised, chasing girls and attending parties really wasn't that appealing anymore.  "The new me, was not easily accepted by P and Fungai they must have been like whats this guy on!"  Farai recalls.  Towards the end of 2011, “Young sensations” ended but Farai continued, the music had now changed because he had received Christ.  Farai dropped his stage name “FLY” and decided to be known by his birth name Farai Katiyo.

Tracks We've Played

So Young (ft. Theo & Mathew)

Uprock Compilation 2016   (2016)

Turn Up Light Up