Uprock 2016 coming to Brisbane!

20 Oct 2016 | News

The annual Christian hip hop summit in Australia is on the 4-6th of November.  This year it has moved from Sydney, where it's been for the last 5 years, up to Brisbane.

Uprock is the perfect opportunity to get workshops in your element of hip-hop.  Emcees, DJs, graffiti artist, and break dancers will all benefit.  From the skilled to the people just wanting to try something new.  They even bring artists in from overseas to run workshops.  There's even workshops on Christian leadership.

Each night has a concert with artists from Australia and overseas.  As well a hip-hop flavoured church service runs on the Sunday.

Uprock Park Jam will still be run in Sydney at the usual venue.  Except this year it will also be the break dancing R16 qualifier for this region.

Every Uprock I've enjoyed meeting new people and building existing relationships.

Check out the promo video then go register for Uprock before the 26th of October. 

Workshops announcements...

Do you love graffiti? Are you keen to learn more about the art form that has changed the streets? This year we have painters such as Burbs, Mistery, Mikey Freedom, Zealous and Royal Dog holding down the graffiti workshops.  Join in on two days of interactive sketching, painting and discussions with like minded crew.

Two people we'd love to see record live, KRS-ONE and Praying Mantis! This year at UPROCK 2016 we have Praying Mantis (UK) bringing life to the booth in a workshop designed to talk live recording techniques. Are you an MC? Are you keen to meet other MC's and to talk vocal takes/techniques? Then this is the workshop for you!

Wizdm's samples capture you, his drums slap you in the face and it's like his bass lines are best friends with every other element in the track.  Here we have a producer who has tinkered for decades, searching for the perfect sound by manipulating waveforms with the help of machines such as the atari all the way to pro-tools and everything in between.  If you love production, if you're serious about sound.  Then the mixing and mastering workshop is for you!

Are you a b-boy/b-girl, or just a lover of Hip-Hop dance? Are you keen to learn basic moves or looking to improve on what you're already rocking? We're so excited to have breakers/dancers who are doing their thing worldwide, making the trip to UPROCK 2016.  There's a variety of dance workshops on offer including breaking basics, dance choreography and battling which are being run by some of the best, including Lego Sam (Clash Of The Kings 2016 showcase champion).

Artist announcements...

International Artists: 
Praying Mantis - Emcee (UK) 
Lego Sam - B'boy (Malaysia) 
Royal Dog - Graffiti (Korea) 
JP-João Pedro Carvalho - B'boy (Japan)
Heatflow - Emcee (UK)
Enoch - B'boy (USA/China)

Australian Artists: 
Izzy n The Profit - rap (NSW)
D4C - rap (Qld)
Broadkast - rap (Qld)
Manziere - rap (NSW)
Nfors - rap (SA)
Redemption Crew - breaking
Farai Katiyo - rap (Vic)
Jimmy Dregz - rap (Qld)
A.R.K - rap (Qld)

...and more artists!

More summit information is on uprock.com.au or check out our event page.

See you there!