MC Jin

USA / Hong Kong |

Jin Au-Yeung, is a rapper, songwriter, and actor.  In the United States, he was both the first East Asian and Chinese American solo rapper to be signed to a major record label.

His big break came when the BET program 106 & Park began inviting local rappers to hold battles in a segment known as Freestyle Friday.  Jin won all seven battles in a row, enabling him to be inducted in the Freestyle Friday Hall of Fame.

MC Jin has been a Christian since 2009 and has expressed his faith in his music since then.

Tracks We've Played

100 to 0

Brand New Me

Busta Rhymes



Self Sacrifice (w/ Rey)

Shoot For The Moon

Stop the Hatred (ft. Wyclef Jean)

When the Lights Come On (ft. Joseph Vincent)

Say Something Mixtape   (2010)


Beautiful Story

Touch The Sky

Welcome To The Light Club

Sincerely Yours EP   (2011)

Sincerely Yours

Whatever It Takes

Crazy Love, Ridiculous Faith   (2012)

Crazy Love (ft. Uncle Reece)


Hypocrite   (2013)

Dead Man Walking (ft. Toestah)

Hypocrite - Black Chapter

XIV:LIX   (2014)

Chinese New Year

Comin' Up

Complicated (ft. Hollis)