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Dirt (Jeremiah) is the founding father of 'Shadow of the Locust', established in 1994.  His goals in the music industry can be best expressed by his own words, "I want to make music that pushes people... inspires them and encourages them.  Whether they are hit by the raw talent or the open-heartedness of my songs... just as long as at the end of the day, my music makes em say 'Man! God is awesome!"

Tracks We've Played

Big Iron (ft. 7Lock)

DJ Manny Vs. Nazir (Live)


Phat Cat

Plague   (1997)

Mustard Seed

Theophilus (ft. 7Lock)

A War To Restore   (2000)


Shanghai Burning

The Rebel Lion   (2016)

Feel the Break (ft. JGivens, Illustrate)

Music is the Medicine