Metaphysical Combat

Canberra, ACT, Australia

The Metaphysical Crew have a raw edge to their positive Hip Hop.  Many of the crew, as their song Soldiers says, came from a background of 'selling drugs on the street just to eat somethin'.  Having overcome addictions and hardships the crew bring a message of life and hope in a Hip Hop package.

The crew began as mates beat-boxing and exercising lyrical skills wherever they were – hanging out at home, in the car and even walking around the local shops.  These guys are from the underground, with their first and famous gig being held in a garage.  They have kept this vibe, and still produced a high quality 5 track EP, We're Metaphysical.

Tracks We've Played

We're Metaphysical   (2004)

Freestyle Bust

Some Soldiers

The Calling

The Light

We're Metaphysical