Canberra, ACT, Australia |

BRB is a hip hop artist based in Canberra, Australia.  He hits hard with relevant and spontaneous freestyles and inspirational lyrics delivered with distinctively smooth flow.

Originally from the US with South American heritage and now based in Australia, BRB combines U.S east coast flow with a west coast flair in a laid back Aussie style.  Cleverly written lyrics coupled with powerful freestyle result in his entertaining and moving songs.  Able to play rhythm & percussion with original tracks and his own DJ work BRB brings a powerful duo of beats and rhymes together into one. 

BRB has rocked the mic in the U.S. throughout Europe and has played a range of gigs in Australia from The Big Exoday and Black Stump music festival, pub gigs, schools, community events, and was even the first hip hop act to perform in the Great Hall at Canberra's Parliament House.  He has shared stage and worked with many artists of all walks and genres from A-Z. A few being; Alabaster Box, Bone Thugs n Harmony, DPG, Braille, Brethren, Da Truth (Cross Movement), Figg Kidd, Hussein Fatal (Outlaws) beatboxing world champ, Joel Turner, Obie Trice, Sevin, Tech9, Revive, The Winnie Coopers, KJ-52, members of L.A. Symphony, DeepSpace5, D-12, and of course Metaphysical Combat.

BRB worked with well known Aussie Hip Hop crew 'Metaphysical Combat' for over 4 years and in the past 10 years has gleaned much experience in the Australian Hip Hop scene and acquired a strong following in the ACT.  His first single release ‘Amazing Grace’ went on to win Best Urban Gospel Music Award of 2005.  Since then BRB has featured on countless releases including recently getting two spots on the ‘Australian Hip Hop Supports Canteen’ Album compilation and also featuring ‘Down under 2012’  BRB has helped produce singles, demos, mixtapes & E.P.s for many artists.  His own Latest Release Decible King is out now and available on iTunes and other online retailers.

In 2006 BRB founded Metaphysical Productions (MP), an independent production co. based in the A.C.T.  Hosting and sponsoring many events in the Capitol City with a focus on community.  In addition to being an emcee, composer, DJ & producer, BRB also regularly teaches Rhyme And Related Elements workshops (R.A.R.E. hip hop for short)  Philosophical in approach to music, BRB uses Hip Hop to inspire, encourage and uplift his listeners.  BRB will often shock the crowd by incorporating his immediate surroundings into his freestyle raps.  He certainly adds life to any show from small gatherings to large festivals.  BRB produces a professional sound quality while telling an honest story which really seems to connect with his listeners.  A talented multilingual artist, witty emcee, and a superb freestylist, he brings unique spontaneity to recordings, performances & battles.  BRB is a seasoned performer and will not disappoint.

Tracks We've Played

Amazing Grace

Christmas New Years Freestyle

Talkin' Everyday

The Last Days (ft. Kayo Marbilus, Arok, Rubrix)

Walk A Straight Line (w/ Zelch)

Hard Times   (2010)

Hard Times

Decible King   (2012)

Rising to the Top

Strictly Hip Hop

Strictly Hip Hop (extended)

Who's Fresh

BRB 3B   (2014)

Devils' Playground (ft. Cas Metah)

I Am Thunder, I Am War (ft. Izzy)

Shook (ft. KJ-52)

New Kinda Human   (2015)

New Kinda Human

Sharks In The Water (ft. Da Branch)

Uprock Compilation 2017   (2017)

Levitate (ft. Izzy)