Show for 15 April 2023

This week The Profit (self proclaimed theme man) returns with Part 2 of The Cypher, giving us a few new faces but taking on a journey through time with some epic throw-back's to some of The Cypher and Posse Track goodness to have come out of Australia.

  • 0 Way up (G.O.M. Remix) Bizzle
  • 0 Roc Tha Mic New DJ LostnFound
  • 0 A-Yo (ft. Sean Slaughter, Lavoisier, Glamour) FreeStyle Fam
  • 0 Bar Fights FreeStyle Fam
  • 0 Volume 1: Walk It Out Common Thread CollectiveAU
  • 0 Can't Stop (ft. The Profit, Oakbridge, Mistery, Izzy & Jabs) WizdmAU The Traveller Part. 1  (2018)
  • 0 Ridiculous Junk (ft. Braille, MaxOne, Man of War & Gibraan) Flashback RedCloud Is This Thing On?  (2000)
  • 0 Unorthodox (ft. Brethren, Mark 1, Ill Clinton) Flashback FortuneAU The Invasion  (2005)
  • 0 Punchlines DoppelgängersAU The Doppelgänger Project  (2012)
  • 0 Sort It Out (ft. Krosswerdz Familia) OakbridgeAU Raw Like 3B  (2012)