Show for 22 April 2023

It’s ok, Jabs is back.  Our resident Batman & Robin (you decide which is which) return with another show chockers full of new music (plus new to Definition music). Things even get kinda serious with discussions on generations in Hip Hop.  Could it be another contender for the best episode they’ve done?? Well, who knows but either way you wanna check it out, some great tracks in this one.

  • 1 Good Shepard (ft. Knick Knack) New Si Knightly
  • 1 Not Time To Go (ft. Military Mindset Productions) New Mouthpi3ce
  • 1 Spread the Word (ft. S.O.) New Reblah
  • 0 Forward Motion New Village KNG
  • 0 Walk (ft. Lecrae) New Hulvey
  • 0 What it is (ft. MALEX & Lady) New Sivion Str8 Shot  (2023)
  • 0 Fight The Good Fight (ft. Iron Will, Ty Scott King, Go Ye & the Found8tion) New Daniel Anthony
  • 1 Falling New Prafit Josiah
  • 1 My Lord, My God (ft. Frisko) New Junyah but, God.  (2023)
  • 0 Altar (ft. Forest Frank) New Hulvey
  • 0 Come Calling (ft. Cas Metah, Junyah, D4C & Rel McCoy) KrosswerdzAU Uprock Compilation Vol.11  (2022)
  • 0 That's Gospel (ft. TBabz & Still Blessed Music) New Reblah