Wes Pendelton - Nebulous

Posted in 'Download' on 17 May 2012.

Wes Pendelton has released a name-your-price EP "Nebulous" on ILLECT Recordings.  Wes (formally known as Teddy P) does all the production, and drops a few verses, along with guests.

The release is packed full of soul and you'll love the beat production.  Nebulous is available as a pay-what-you-want release... Free, 99, or whatever amount you'd like to support with.  As of this evening it was charting at #7 on Bandcamp and featured on the front page!

As well as the standard EP, which you can get for free, he's released a Deluxe edition.  It comes with all the instrumentals.

1.  You and Me (Intro)
2.  New Morning
3.  New Mercies (ft. Young Joshua)
4.  Hurt So Bad (Interlude)
5.  Hurt So Bad (ft. Dre Murray)
6.  He'll Make A Way Somehow (Interlude)
7.  Why Worry? (ft. Ant)
8.  Chill (ft. Serene)
9.  You and Me (Outro)
10.  One More Time (Bonus track)

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